11-Year-Old Bobo Gallagher Surfs Wing Foil Board from Hawaii to Maui


While Hawaii has been on coronavirus lockdown, its athletes have been pushing the boundaries of ocean sports. Flip through the Instagram feeds of Maui’s top watermen and women and you’ll see their toy of choice is the wing foil, which consists of a hand-held kite wing and a foil board (that is, a surfboard mounted on a hydrofoil that extends below the water). On August 6, 11-year-old Maui phenom Anderson Ellis Kainalu Gallagher, better known as Bobo, became the first, as well as the youngest person, to cross the Alenuihaha Channel from Hawaii to Maui using just a wing and a foil board.

Gallagher says his inspiration was Maui waterman Kai Lenny, who was the first to make the daunting 49-mile crossing on a hydrofoil, sans wing, in 2017. Lenny has crossed all of the channels of the Hawaiian islands and while each poses its own unique set of…

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